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Be an Industry Leader and Join GREEN Hospitality’s Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic as a public health emergency and the lifting of mainland Chinese border restrictions, Hong Kong’s hospitality industry demonstrates its readiness for a strong comeback. Capturing a 3.9% growth from 2020 to 2022 (faster than pre-COVID times), the number of restaurants has now reached 17,200. Meanwhile, accommodation services providers, including hotels, have seen the most growth at 84.5% in the service industry in the first quarter this year.

As a steadfast advocate of the hospitality industry as a catalyst for sustainability, GREEN Hospitality strategically and effectively equips Hong Kong’s hospitality industry with the knowledge, resources, and connections integral to their sustainability endeavours. The work we did throughout the COVID-19 pandemic was paramount to the hospitality industry, as we continued to host industry-specific conferences and think tanks to guide our partners’ planning and design for green recovery measures.

As the hospitality industry is starting to mobilise actions towards net-positive all over the world, we at GREEN Hospitality are working with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to create a comprehensive framework, with step-by-step guide, for the industry to reach the goals set out in the Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050 and Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035.

Hong Kong & GBA Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap

The Hong Kong & GBA Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap culminates the knowledge and insights we gained from the strategic partnerships and knowledge exchange we help facilitate. As a collaboration within Hong Kong's hospitality industry, the Roadmap aims to develop and agree on a range of initiatives towards achieving sustainable tourism in Hong Kong and the wider Greater Bay Area.

Through consolidating the region's position as one of the leading sustainable travel destinations in Asia, the Roadmap will play a critical role in supporting the Tourism Commission’s Tourism Development Blueprint to develop Hong Kong into a world-class tourism destination while ensuring the balanced, healthy, and sustainable development of the tourism industry.

The Roadmap’s vision and goals are as follows:

  • Vision: Integrating sustainability as a core value across the hotel and F&B ecosystems and establishing living labs that will boost innovation, utilising sustainability as a key thrust of business competitiveness.

  • Goals:

    • Agree on common targets and initiatives towards achieving sustainable tourism in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

    • Develop tools and amass resources to reach said targets.

    • Create a platform for the industry to collaborate and position itself as a leader in sustainable development.

Join GREEN Hospitality to be an Industry Leader in Sustainability

Aligned with the Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality launched by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA), the Roadmap focuses on three key areas: energy and infrastructure, waste management and circularity, and sourcing and biodiversity.

Several hospitality groups have already discerned the urgency and joined forces with GREEN Hospitality in the Greater Bay Area x Hong Kong Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap project: Rosewood Hong Kong and Hyatt Regency Hong Kong are currently Committee Leaders; Dorsett Hospitality International, The Langham, Hong Kong, and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited have joined as Project Participants; Invest Hong Kong and Sustainable Hospitality Alliance have become the project’s Partners and Supporting Organisations; with industry experts and other partners such as the Hong Kong Green Building Council also supporting the project to align forces.

“Moving along in designing and implementing the Roadmap, we will first establish common targets for each focus area, support planning and decision-making, and align and disseminate our knowledge and insights to amplify the impact by involving as many hotel groups, individual hotels, restaurant groups, property managers in Hong Kong, Macau, and GBA as possible,” said Luciane Zanella, Head of Partnerships and Projects at GREEN Hospitality.

GREEN Hospitality is looking to officially launch the Roadmap in November this year. If your company or organisation would like to partake in the collaborative Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap project and be the industry leaders in sustainability, fill out this survey by end of July to help us understand the scope and progress of your sustainability initiatives or contact us at


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