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Hong Kong & Greater Bay Area Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap

GREEN Hospitality has recently launched a collaborative initiative to integrate and accelerate sustainability as a core value across the hospitality ecosystem in Hong Kong, Macao, and the rest of Greater Bay Area. This initiative aims to foster innovation and use sustainability as the main driver of business competitiveness for the region. Key players in the hospitality industry, such as Rosewood Hotel Group, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Langham Hospitality Group, Dorsett Hospitality International, and InvestHK, along with several subject matter experts, have congregated to accelerate this agenda across the sector.

The project will run throughout 2023 and culminate with a regional conference. It aims to align with the 'Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality' framework recently launched by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, while also integrating the specific local needs, challenges, and opportunities faced by the sector. The focus areas will be Energy & Infrastructure, Waste Management & Circularity, and Sourcing & Biodiversity.

At the conference, common targets will be formalized, and comprehensive guidelines will be launched that can be followed by any hospitality group, regardless of size. If you want to learn more about how to get involved, please contact us at

Advisory Group & Participants

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Supporting Organisation

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Strategic Partner

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Subject Matter Experts

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Hong Kong & Greater Bay Area Sustainable Hospitality Roadmap
Waste Reduction Program for F&Bs

Waste Reduction Program for F&Bs

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Our current project named - "Zero-waste to Landfill for the F&B Industry: Creating Circular Systems Through Education, Practice & Partnerships" is funded by Environment and Conservation Fund*. The project entails familiarising 20 F&B outlets in Hong Kong’s SOHO area with the upcoming municipal solid waste (MSW) charge through training and waste monitoring. 


Guided by the Environmental Protection Department, the participating F&B outlets will get trained on waste segregation practices so as to divert the amount of waste going to landfills and promote the culture of ‘use less, waste less & recycle’. The engagement with F&B outlets under this programme will be from June to November 2022. 

Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Environment and Conservation Fund.

F&B Participants

Green Recovery for the Tourism & Hospitality Industries

Green Recovery for the Tourism & Hospitality Industries in Hong Kong Through Technology & Innovation

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The Hong Kong government has announced plans of reaching “zero landfill” by 2035 in its newest Waste Blueprint and the 2021 Policy Address, as well as an ambitious goal of going carbon-neutral by 2050. At the same time, to recover from the impact of the pandemic, Hong Kong's hospitality industry has an integral role to play. 


Under our new project, "A Green Recovery for the Tourism and Hospitality Industries in Hong Kong Through Technology & Innovation" we will have a slew of stakeholder engagements including industry roundtables, large format events as well as research and development of practical tools that will fast-track sustainability in Hong Kong and Asia. 

Acknowledgment & Disclaimer: 


Some of these  events are funded by the Innovation & Technology Commission of the HKSAR.


Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Innovation and Technology Commission, or the Vetting Committee of the General Support Programme of the Innovation and Technology Fund.


在本刊物/活動內 (或由項目小組成員) 表達的任何意見、研究成果、結論或建議,並不代表香港特別行政區政府、創新科技署或創新及科技基金一般支援計劃評審委員會的觀點。

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Our Sponsors and Partners 

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Strategic Content Partner

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Content Partner

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Interested in learning more?

Jockey Club Water Initiative on Sustainability and Engagement's Water Wise Campaign

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GREEN Hospitality is excited to join the Jockey Club Water Initiative on Sustainability and Engagement (JC-WISE) team to launch their Water Footprint concept to Hong Kong’s hospitality industry and the wider public. We will be hosting training sessions for the corporate sector and engaging key restaurants to advocate for water sustainability and learn about ways to reduce our Water Footprint. 

Hong Kong’s domestic water consumption has been consistently rising over the past couple of decades. The average Hong Kong person uses over 230 liters of water every day, which is double the figures of some European cities. In 2018, the JC-WISE project developed a localized Water Footprint Calculator to show how much water actually goes into our everyday products. With the Water Wise campaign, we aim to bridge the disconnect that the Hong Kong public has between everyday choices and the subsequent impacts of freshwater resources locally and globally.

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Program Highlights

  • 10 restaurant and corporate organisations implemented the Water Wise Campaign. 

  • 285 staff were trained on Water Footprint Concept and being water wise initiatives. 

  • 78% of surveyed staff believe they gained significant knowledge about water sustainability from training.

  • 71% of surveyed staff agreed that they would change their daily consumption habits to better conserve water.

  • 80% of participating organisations committed to some operation change in order to conserve water or promote water sustainability initiatives. 

Water Wise Participants

JC-WISE Water Wise Campaign

GREEN Hospitality aims to empower youth of all ages with sustainability programs that give them industry experience, and equip them with tools for their daily lives. We believe that the key to change is education and the youth of today will be the next drivers of the green movement.

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

University Internships

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GREEN Hospitality has a regular internship program for university students who want to gain workplace skills in a non-for-profit environment. They are mentored and trained by professionals in the department they work in whilst gaining knowledge about the sustainability and hospitality industry.


School Workshops


The GREEN Leader Academy guides school students into becoming leaders amongst their peers in sustainability. Students will investigate, discuss, and pitch their ideas and projects in our short programs. You may check out our previous school workshops here.

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