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F&B Playbook

Wonder how to improve the sustainability of your restaurant? Are you looking for practical solutions to reduce food waste? Find the responses in our F&B Playbook.


Whether you have already started on the sustainability journey or you don’t really know where to begin, the F&B Playbook was created for chefs, F&B business directors, and owners in Hong Kong or elsewhere, who wish to improve waste management practices within their F&B businesses.

Created in collaboration with TREEHOUSE, a Hong Kong-based pioneer in the healthy and sustainable food business, the F&B Playbook is about what it takes to reduce food waste in F&B operations - passion, creativity, and bite-size steps. We are sure you already got the first two, we are here to help you with the third. 

Rich in practical advice and real-life examples from TREEHOUSE, the 114-page Playbook covers the entire span of F&B operations. We did not call it a “guide” because we know that each business is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reducing food waste. 

Instead, the Playbook is meant to inspire you to take action, in whatever way that works best for you, your team, and your business model. This is why each chapter is independent and covers a particular aspect of F&B operations so that you can focus on the areas that are most relevant. From creating the menu to serving the dish to your customer, the Playbook also highlights the benefits of food waste reduction practices for your business, your team, your reputation, and of course, the planet. 


Do utilize the mapping of the solutions in Chapter 1 to focus on the low-hanging fruits or initiate more in-depth changes into the way you run your business, depending on your business context, ambition, and the food waste reduction practices that you might already have in place.

This Playbook has one simple goal: to help you get started on your food waste reduction journey. The “how” is up to you. 


Tomorrow starts today.

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F&B Playook Download

What you will find in the playbook: 

  • Practical measures to reduce food waste, sorted by production stages. 

  • A mapping of all the measures covered in the playbook, ranked by monetary input, the time required, and ease of implementation. 

  • Real-life examples and case studies are taken from TREEHOUSE and other F&B businesses, in Hong Kong and elsewhere. 

  • Business opportunities and benefits that can be expected from food waste reduction practices.

  • Information about local actors who can help you on your waste-reduction journey, including local farmers, non-governmental actors focused on food rescue, sustainable suppliers, and solution providers. 

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information about the issue of food waste in Hong Kong.

It took our team a lot of time, effort, and of course pots and pots of coffee to bring this labor of love to life. If you would like to download our F&B Playbook, we ask for a nominal fee of 50 HKD equivalent to ‘Buying Us a Cup of Coffee’ and if you wish to, you can upgrade your purchase to 'Buying Us a Lunch or Dinner".


The fee will help us bring sustainable practices to an even wider audience in the future. Our team appreciates your contribution!

Chapter Overviews

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