Membership Program

GREEN Hospitality membership program ensures organizations and professionals stay abreast of the developments in the sustainability landscape of the hospitality industry and find solutions to their sustainability challenges. Besides discounts and complimentary tickets to events, GREEN Hospitality members benefit from the following perks:

Demonstrate commitment to sustainability


Learn about sustainability trends and best practices


Expand network locally and internationally with professionals, academics, entrepreneurs and more


Collaborate with experts to boost sustainability initiatives and implement solutions with real impact


Membership for Individuals

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As part of our Youth Empowerment, it is crucial that we include youth in what we do and facilitate connections for them to become future leaders in the hospitality and the sustainability space.



Advanced membership for those who are on the path to becoming an impact leader and plan to use GREEN more extensively to embed sustainability into their working activities.



Our most selective membership, offers member benefits plus exclusive additional benefits, for the senior executive who wishes to be actively involved in the GREEN network and contribute their thought leadership in the sustainability space.

Membership for Organisations

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Recognizing that many in the industry are small businesses, we offer this special category to SMEs to enjoy the same benefits as Corporate Members plus additional discounts, thus enabling the creation of sustainable business models while minimizing the cost.



For corporates who wish to enhance their ESG impact through collaborating with partners in the industry and building the capacity and leadership of 3 key staff involved in sustainability issues.



For the corporate sustainability leaders who are committed to exploring and creating the new value and opportunities that sustainable business models will offer, the Leader category allows for the capacity building of the full team, up to 10 key staff.

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