Advisory & Research

Over the last years, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge to provide advisory services to the stakeholders in hospitality such as hotels, F&Bs, event organizers, real estate developers, and management companies.

  • Sustainability strategy development 

  • Closed-loop-systems development and implementation 

  • Research design and implementation

  • Market research and development of circular systems for suppliers

  • Food and waste audit


Education & Training

Education and training are key in implementing sustainability. We have built a curriculum drawing on the experience of the industry stakeholders, experts, and our own knowledge. 

With access to educators from the University of Hong Kong and our experience in teaching, learning, and mentoring, we deliver bespoke training on key sustainability aspects.

sustainability education and training

Strategic Workshops 

The purpose of these workshops is to educate and equip participants with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to implement sustainability practices in their business operations. The workshops we offer (in person or online):

  • Waste segregation & waste management

  • Single-Use Plastic Reduction Plan

  • Planet Friendly Food: procurement, management, composting, and more

  • Get your Employees' Buy-in: Employee Engagement & Training

  • Design Thinking: find solutions for your sustainability challenges through intrapreneurship & innovation

Employee Engagement Programs


Engaging employees is key in achieving ESG and sustainability goals. From building awareness to taking the action, we build programs that suit your needs.

  • Development of employee engagement and awareness-building programs that promote behavioral change

  • Development and implementation of workshops, games, and activities focusing on sustainable practices 

  • CLIMATE Collage: a card game that lets you learn about climate change together

  • 2030 SDG Game: get to know the SDGs in a fun way

  • Upcycling and responsible living consumption​

employee engagement program green hospitality

Sustainability Communications

sustainability communication.jpg

  • Branding & Communications strategy development 

  • Development of concept & visuals that communicate sustainability

  • Development of copy (press releases, articles, thought leadership pieces)

  • Social Media strategy, EDM, other

  • All the communications can be produced in English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Sustainable Events Production


  • Production of low-carbon and low-waste events

  • Production of sustainability-focused events like conferences or seminars

  • Production of innovation-focused events (e.g. hackathons, creative jams)

sustainability events production green hospitality