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Advisory & Research

Advisory & Research

Through our projects and programs, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience across sustainability topics pertinent to the hospitality industry. We primarily work with hotels, restaurants, event organizers, and real estate companies to develop and implement sustainability strategies and programs.

We strive to offer independent and high-quality advisory services to enable our partners to make informed decisions for the long-term sustainability of our planet, people, and prosperity.

Our expertise:


  • Waste Audit & Reduction Strategies: Single-Use Plastic (SUP), Food Waste, etc.

  • Hong Kong Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme 

  • Circularity and Closed-loop Systems

  • Waste Measurement Tools

  • Supplier & Product Sustainability Assessment

  • Responsible Procurement Guidelines

  • Sustainability Certification Implementation

  • Sustainability Strategy Development

  • Low-carbon and Low-waste Event Production​​

Education & Training

Training & Capacity-Building


Capacity-building and training are key to the successful implementation of sustainability. We base our curriculum on the industry's best practices and expertise from our own programs. 

Being educators from the University of Hong Kong, we deliver high-quality learning experiences.

Strategic Workshops 

The purpose of strategic workshops is to equip participants with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to implement sustainability in business operations. Topics are tailored to the needs of the company and the job function of the participants.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Programs

Engaging employees is one of the vital elements in achieving ESG and sustainability goals. From building awareness to taking the action, we deliver experiences to suit company needs. Some of our employee offerings are:


  • Climate Fresk: a collaborative workshop on climate change

  • Upcycling and sustainable living​ workshops

  • Tailor-made experiences and hollistic empoyee programs


Sustainability Communications

Sustainability Communications

Communicating sustainability is important both internally and externally. Our experts help produce:

  • Sustainability reports

  • Sustainability communication strategies

  • Sustainability-focused copy: press releases, thought leadership pieces, blogs, EDMs, internal memos

Sustainability Events

Sustainable Events Production

As experienced event organisers, we have gained extensive knowledge in the production of:

  • Low-carbon and low-waste corporate events

  • Sustainability-focused events (seminars, conferences)

  • Sustainable innovation events (hackathons, sprints, jams)

With our expertise, companies can decrease their negative impact while increasing the quality and visibility of their events and brand.



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