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The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance explores merger with GREEN Hospitality

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A merger is being considered by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and GREEN Hospitality (Pangaia Solutions Limited), to combine GREEN Hospitality’s reach and experience in Asia- Pacific, with the Alliance’s expertise and global network.

Positive meetings have taken place between the Directors of both organisations and next steps will see the appropriate due diligence reviews. A merger would enable the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to establish a formal presence in Asia-Pacific with GREEN Hospitality having its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Both organisations are committed to supporting and enabling sustainability in the hospitality industry. With an influential network of member hotels and partners, the Alliance now represents over 50,000 properties and 7 million rooms globally. GREEN Hospitality’s vision is to advance research, incubate innovations, and foster activities that enable the industry to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the interest of the planet, people, and prosperity.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, said: “We are excited to be exploring a potential merger with GREEN Hospitality, an organisation we admire and align with in driving joined up action on sustainability in the industry. Being in Hong Kong, a merger with GREEN Hospitality would enable the Alliance to better serve the hotels and organisations in the region, supporting them on the path to net positive hospitality”.

Lucia Loposova, Executive Director at GREEN Hospitality, said: “We are delighted to explore this potential merger with a mission-aligned organisation that is the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. The synergy of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s expertise in creating global partnerships and building movements, and GREEN Hospitality’s on-the-ground knowledge and connection to hospitality practitioners, sustainability experts, civil society organisations, and government agencies in Hong Kong and Asia has great potential to turn the industry into a catalyst for sustainability.”

Due diligence is underway, and an update will be provided later in the year.

For more information please contact:

Becca Smith, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance,

Tung Ching Li, GREEN Hospitality,

About the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance brings together the hospitality industry and strategic partners to address key challenges affecting the planet and its people, local destinations and communities. They develop practical free resources and programmes to create a prosperous and responsible hospitality sector that gives back more than it takes. Their members represent over 50,000 hotels – totalling 7 million rooms – and include world-leading companies including Choice Hotels International, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, BWH Hotel Group and Radisson Hotel Group, as well as regional brands. Their network also includes other parts of the hospitality value chain, including owners, investors and suppliers, to further drive joined up action on sustainability, and accelerate the industry on the path to net positive hospitality. For more information, please visit:

About GREEN Hospitality

GREEN Hospitality is a non-profit-making organisation that sees hospitality and tourism as catalysts for sustainability by advancing Sustainable Development Goals in the interest of the planet, people, and prosperity. By bringing together businesses, academia, the nonprofit sector, start-ups, and the government, GREEN Hospitality facilitates the sharing of knowledge, creation of alliances, and the incubation of solutions through innovation, collaboration, and research. For more information, please visit:


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