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Sustainability Glossary

In today’s world, sustainability is crucial to all aspects of our lives and that of others. The kind of food we choose to consume has a direct impact on the environment, our future generations’ access to nutritious food, and the people who grow or manufacture it, for example. Likewise, the company we choose to work in has various positive and negative impact on the wellbeing of society, the environment, and the economy.

在今天的世界裡,可持續性對我們和他人生活的各個方面都至關重要。例如,我們選擇的食物都有直接影響我們的環境,以至我們後代獲得營養食品的機會以及種植或製造營養食品的人。 同樣,我們選擇的公司對社會福利、環境和經濟都有各種積極和消極的影響。

If you’re seeking to gain a greater understanding of sustainability, or if you’re confused about certain terminology, know that we’ve recently launched our Sustainability Glossary, which aims to demystify certain terms and break down certain terms, to demonstrate the many ways in which sustainability can be incorporated into our daily lives.


As we gain a greater understanding of sustainability and what it entails, as well as the significance of the Brundtland Report, please stay tuned as we continue to explore and demystify more terms in sustainability!



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