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Empowering Youth for the Future of Sustainable Hospitality – Betty Peng

Corresponding to the month of Youth Empowerment and only a month left before they leave their teams to embark on their future journeys ahead, our summer interns share their takeaways from the experience here at GREEN Hospitality.

Read our interview with our Finance and Fundraising Intern, Betty Peng, who tells us about her work at GREEN Hospitality.

While she may not specialise in hosting our sustainability events, her effort to work internally on upgrading the finance tools should not be undermined. “I have mainly been focusing on updating and increasing the efficacy of current financial controls, as well as looking into funding opportunities and analysing them in relation to the projects.” Betty also noted that she has continuously been able to utilise her past experiences and knowledge on sustainability in her internship. "During my first year of university, I took a course on sustainability and learned about its significance. GREEN Hospitality embraces the concept of sustainability and youth empowerment, allowing youths to thrive. As an undergraduate student of accounting and finance, GH provides a valuable platform for me to make a positive impact by applying my knowledge, which is why I want to be a part of GH.”

Betty summarised her summer with GREEN as an all-rounded experience that enables her to learn more and exposure to new people. “It was an excellent opportunity for me to hone both my hard and soft skills by gaining an understanding of how an organisation operates, including collaboration with various departments and communication with others, and to work towards achieving sustainability by ensuring the projects have adequate financial support to run. Working at GH would undoubtedly provide me with additional exposure, and with the assistance of my mentor, her professional experience and advice will be beneficial to my future as well.”

This marks the end of our August blog series on Youth Empowerment. We are grateful for the assistance our interns have been providing us in the past few months. Our interns’ responses have reinforced GREEN’s determination in providing more opportunities for young people in support towards their passion and aspirations into going into the Sustainability and Hospitality industry.

We hope to see our interns again in the future and wish all of them the best of their future endeavours!

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