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What is The Theme for This Year? 


Circularity in Hospitality - Transforming Waste into Solutions

Following up on the footsteps of the Green Hackathon 2020 in which the theme revolved around innovative ideas for waste management and segregation within the Hospitality sector.


In 2022 we want to go further in search for innovative ideas on how to recreate products and solutions for the Hospitality industry from waste, in a drive towards a full circular economy within the sector.

Who Are We Targeting?

1. University Students  

2. Hospitality Employees 

3. Innovators 

The World Needs Your Creativity to Drive A Sustainable Future! 


Food Technology

The amount of food waste produced daily in Hong Kong is 20 times than the amount of food produced locally. As for food waste from hotels and restaurants,
it is 6 times the volume of local food production.

What other things can be created out of food waste? What are the potential products that can be made? 

Sustainable Packaging

Use of single-waste plastic is common in hotels, be it water bottles, coffee cups, earbuds, toiletry bottles, snacks, slipper wraps or more recently balloons.
It does not stop there, back of houses use single plastic packaging in the form of cling film, wipes, gloves, masks, etc.

What innovations can be made with packaging waste?

Textile Innovation

Every hotel uses numerous linens and textiles for bedsheets, tablecloths, towels, etc. These textiles must remain in pristine conditions as “spotlessly clean beddings” are a top priority for many hotel guests.

Other than new technologies to remove stains more effectively, dyeing to cover stains is also an option chosen by some.

What are some creative ways to repurpose these textiles and give them a new life?



Have a look at what other people have been doing to solve similar issues


Meet Our Mentors & Judges


Edwin Keh.jpg

Mr Edwin Keh is the CEO of The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel.


Full bio: here

Mr Edwin Keh

Chief Executive Officer at HKRITA 


Carmen Ng is Director of Sustainability at Langham Hospitality Group. In her role, she leads and drives the sustainability...

Full bio: here

Carmen Ng

Director of Sustainability at Langham Hospitality Group 


Helga founded “Wealth of Flows Consulting” which helps organizations around the globe set powerful sustainability

Full bio: here

Helga Vanthournout

Founder at Wealth Of

Flows Consulting



Angus focuses on research areas in enhancing understanding and learnings in the techstyle space for The Mills Fabrica..

Full bio: here

Angus Tsang

Research and Investment at The Mills Fabrica

Sonalie Figueiras - Photo.jpg

Serial social entrepreneur & trends forecaster Sonalie Figueiras is the founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen..

Full bio: here

Sonalie Figueiras

Founder & CEO at Green Queen, Ekowarehouse & SourceGreenPackaging.com

Natalie Lung - Headshot .jpg

Natalie Lung is the Program Manager for the Food Technology Accelerator Programs at Brinc, a global venture capital and accelerator firm

Full bio: here

Natalie Lung 

Program Manager, Food Technology Accelerator Programs at Brinc

Shauhrat Chopra.jpg

Dr. Shauhrat S. Chopra obtained his Integrated Masters of Science in Systems Biology from the University of Hyderabad, India in 2011.

Full bio: here

Shauhrat Chopra

Assistant Professor in School of Energy and Environment, CityU



Aditi’s vision is to spread happiness by solving people's problems. She is working towards solving the mounting plastic waste

Full bio: here

Aditi Deodhar

Co-founder of Planeteers

Ashley Bang.jpg

Ashley is a data scientist at ADM Capital Foundation who is passionate about applying spatial and statistical modeling ...  

Full bio: here

Ashley Bang

Data Scientist at ADM
Capital Foundation

Dawn Chui

Copy of Dawn Chui_2020.jpg

Dr Dawn Chui has been advocating and commercializing innovation solutions along the sustainability line.

Full bio: here

Julia Washbourne.jpg

Julia Washbourne came from Germany to HK in 2005 as a purchasing manager for a renowned mail order company.

Full bio: here

Julia Washbourne

Founder at Bamboa

Expert in Food Waste Management and Innovation

Headshot - Tim Parker.jpg

Tim Parker is an Engineer, turned Educator, turned Entrepreneur, and is the founder of Circular City

Full bio: here

Tim Parker

Founder at Circular City


Maggie is responsible for Incubation & Ecosystem at The Mills Fabrica. She manages Fabrica’s incubation programme by providing ..

Full bio: here

Maggie Luk

Incubation and Ecosystem
at The Mills Fabrica


Jenna Chow focuses on engaging startups and partners via research findings in the techstyle space.


Full bio: here

Jenna Chow

Research and Investment at The Mills Fabrica


Cesar is a French-Japanese inventor, environmentalist, entrepreneur and educator living in Hong Kong...

Full bio: here

Cesar Jung-Harada

Founder of MakerBay,
Senior Lecturer at HKU

Judge_ CarinePin-202009.jpg

Carine Pin is Co-Director of The Mills Fabrica and focuses on building the techstyle community

Full bio: here

Carine Pin

Co-Director at The Mills Fabrica

Walden Lam_photo.jpg

Walden Lam is a cofounder and the CEO of unspun, overseeing all strategy, operations, finance and partnerships..

Full bio: here

Walden Lam

Co-founder and CEO,


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Accelerate Transformation to A Sustainable Future


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GREEN Hackathon and Innovation Night 2022?

GREEN Hackathon and Innovation Night 2022 is a curated competition aiming to inspire and forge creative and out-of-the-box solutions for a more sustainable Hospitality and F&B sector. Hospitality experts, innovators and students will come together and create solutions to transform the Hospitality industry.

When and where will the Hackathon happen?

1. Kick-off 09/Feb/2022 - 18:00-21:00 @The Hive Sheung Wan What will I do there? For participants to mingle and get inspired. There will be a series of speakers sharing knowledge on the Hackathon themes: textile innovation, food tech and packaging innovation. 2. MakerBay Design Thinking Workshop 16/Feb/2022 - 19:00-20:30 @MakerBay Office (Tsuen Wan) What will I do there? Design Thinking is a creatively structured approach that helps an individual or a team to identify the real problem and ultimately solve it. Design Thinking will help structure thought processes and help identify what problem is most important to solve, leading teams to generate ideas that solve the challenges stated. This is an optional event. (**limited to 20 people, first come first served) 3.Pitching Workshop 22/Feb/2022 - 19:00-21:00 @Zoom What will I do there? Teams will get a chance to meet with an expert in pitching to refine their pitches prior to the Hackathon day. This is an optional event. 4.Hackathon Sprint 26/Feb/2022 - 9:00-17:00 @Eaton Club Central What will I do there? At this stage you will already have your ideas ready. You will be refining your ideas, working with your teammates on the presentation deck and preparing to pitch your idea at the end of the day. Mentors will be on site for support and advice. 5.Innovation Night 03/Mar/2022 - 19:00-22:00 @Eaton Club Central What will I do there? Short-listed teams will pitch in front of sponsors and judges for the prizes and awards.

How can I apply and what is the cost?

Please apply via this link Spots are limited and the Early Bird prices will end on 31th December, 2021 at 23:59 HKT.

Can I apply as a team?

Forming teams prior to applying is not necessary. Individual participants will have the chance to talk to and team up other participants at the Kick-off event. Participants can also register as a team. Simply indicate which participants you want to be teamed with on the registration link.

What are the prizes?

Cash prizes will be awarded to Professional categories, as well as a unique opportunity for the winning Student Team to join a Summer Internship Program at The Mills in July-August 2022.

What is the expected outcome?

All teams have to come up with an innovative and marketable product or solution which alleviates the problem of food waste, textile waste or packaging waste in the Hospitality and F&B industry. The solutions should demonstrate circularity and sustainability.

Who can join the Hackathon / are there any requirements?

There are no specific requirements. We want to foster exchange of ideas among people of different backgrounds. Hospitality industry professionals, innovators, start-ups, SME and university students (regardless of discipline) will find this Hackathon especially relevant.

What if I don't have an idea yet?

It's common and normal for people to come to a Hackathon without an idea. Listening to the talks at the Kick-off and attending the Design Thinking workshops will give you inspiration and come up with new ideas. Or check the "BE INSPIRED" sessions on our website to learn more about current projects targeting the same challenges.

I won't be available all the days, can I still join?

To fully immerse yourself in the Hackathon and Hacking process, we strongly advise you to attend the Kick-off Event and Hackathon Sprint. The Design Thinking will be organised by MakerBay at their office in Tsuen Wan. It will be a unique opportunity to get hands on experience about innovation and design thinking. The Pitching Workshop is tailored to make you succeed in the Hackathon and is held online. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this! We look forward to seeing you there! **the Design Thinking workshop by MakerBay is limited to 20 participants due to venue capacity, first come, first served.

Who will I meet at the Hackathon?

All the mentors, speakers and judges at our Hackathon are experts in the topics of hospitality, circularity, sustainability or innovation. You will find people from a wide range of industries: academia, hotels, restaurants, start-up incubators and more. We expect a lot of interesting, insightful conversations among like-minded people. Here are our mentors, judges and speakers here .

Can I bring my family or friends to watch?

All participants are invited to the Innovation Night. Feel free to bring your family and friends. Tickets to the Innovation Night can be found here .

What are the safety precautions for COVID-19 at the venue?

All participants will be asked to fill out a health declaration form sent by email in advance when you join the in-person events, as well as scan the LeaveHomeSafe App upon entering the event premises. Temperature will be taken daily upon arrival at the venues. Wearing a face mask is required throughout the events, with the exception of mealtime in designated areas. Hand sanitizer and spare masks will be available at the venues. All collected data / information will be destroyed after 30 days upon the completion of the GREEN Hackathon and Innovation Night 2022.

How can I contact the organiser for questions?

Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email via hackathon@greenhospitality.io

Terms & Conditions

*Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Innovation and Technology Commission or the General Support Programme Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund. 

在本刊物/活動內(或由項目小組成員)表達的 何意見、研究成果、結論或建議,並不代表香港特別行政區政府、創新科技署或創新及科技基金一 般支援計劃評審委員會的觀點。

With the uncertainty due to the on-going pandemic, we have worked on a contingency plan according to gathering rules closer to the date. If the event is switched to hybrid or online format, we will adjust the ticket pricing accordingly. This will be announced closer to the date. The following is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r5DsGKA3swshMic3rsKuSkkbUTDdyTIf/view?usp=sharing

We will regularly update the participants as the situation evolves