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Ashley Bang
Data Scientist at ADM Capital Foundation

Judging Criteria

1. Problem

  • What specific problem does your idea propose to solve?

  • How big and pressing is this problem? 

  • Based on your research, what are the root causes of this problem?

  • Who are your key stakeholders and how are they affected?

  • What insights have you gained from interviewing these stakeholders?

2. Solution

  • What product or service does your idea offer?

  • How does it work?

  • What key metrics will you use to measure success and impact?

3. Innovative Value

  • What is your idea’s core value proposition?

  • What are your idea’s sources of competitive advantage?

  • How is your solution superior to others in the market?

4. Business Viability

  • What resources are involved to implement your idea?

  • What is your idea’s basic financial model?

  • How will you implement this idea?

Frequently Asked Questions

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