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GREEN Conference 2022 -
Hospitality Agenda 2030

Worldwide, 1 in 10 jobs is supported by the travel & tourism industry (WTTC, 2021), 12% of the food waste comes from the hospitality industry (Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020), and 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by travel & tourism (Nature Climate Change, 2018).


The issue of sustainability in the hospitality industry is too complex to be addressed by a single actor, especially after the devastating effects of the global pandemic. In order to drive the recovery of the sector while advancing sustainability programmes and practices across the entire industry, there needs to be collaboration, cooperation, and a shared commitment.


The "GREEN Conference 2022 - Hospitality Agenda 2030" from 5th to 8th July 2022 will bring together key stakeholders in all related industries that are of value to the hospitality sector to work together and bring about innovative, sustainable, cross-border advancements to the global hospitality industry.


Stemming from our GREEN Hospitality Think Thanks, which are small industry roundtables that take place across the year, we now intend to expand the discussion and topics addressed through Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussions, aiming at creating a roadmap for individual and collective actions needed to drive the changes in the industry - the  “Hospitality Agenda 2030”.


The interactive panels, expert keynote speeches, and workshops throughout the event serve to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and connections with key industry leaders, civil society organisations, innovators, start-ups, academics, and the government.

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