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Empowering Youth for the Future of Sustainable Hospitality – Jonathan Salomo

Every year, GREEN Hospitality on board three cohorts of university students who would like to learn strategic thinking, effective communication, technological innovations, content marketing and design, while also getting hands-on experience in promoting and hosting events of various sizes.

To date, we have welcomed and nurtured 115 interns from 22 countries. We don’t just entrust our interns with real work, but also the work of organising team-building activities for the student interns. Read our interview with our Admin and HR Intern, Jonathan Salomo, to find out why he finds working with GREEN rewarding.

“This is my first exposure to the consultancy industry and the working environment in Hong Kong, so I just want to absorb as much knowledge as possible and improve my capacity in the Talent Management Department,” said Salomo, whose main responsibilities are organising team-building activities and helping Lucia Loposova, our Executive Director, improve GREEN's employee handbook. ‘I learnt how to interact with cross-cultural friends, especially from Hong Kong. They are often less outspoken, but really helpful and focused on what they are doing! I also learnt to be honest with my capacity and absorb knowledge wherever it may be located, from my supervisor, Lucia, as well as my fellow interns.’

When asked about how the internship will help him in the future, the young Indonesian brings up the highlight of his experience, “I believe that working in Hong Kong is a unique value proposition that can boost my confidence in cross-functional context and connect me with new friends from different cultures.”

From our base in Hong Kong, we have continued to provide equal opportunities to our interns from here and all over the world. Regardless of their gender, age, nationality, education, or experience, their passion for sustainability and hospitality will be valued at GREEN Hospitality. Together we are stronger. With the synergy of diverse cultures and historical backgrounds, we are empowering youth to make a difference.

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