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Empowering Youth for the Future of Sustainable Hospitality – Connie Wan

The interns of our Summer Internship are assigned to different teams, and their continuous efforts have directly and indirectly made our Think Tanks, Podcast, Hackathon, and our flagship annual Conference possible.

We have talked with our international interns, and they seem to be intrigued by what they have been doing, but what about our Hong Kong interns? Meet our Sustainability Consulting intern, Connie Wan, to learn more about her internship experience.

Connie was enthusiastic about joining GREEN Hospitality as a summer intern from the start. “I joined GREEN because I think what it does is meaningful. As a non-profit collaborative platform, it enables and empowers hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel companies, businesses, and related supply chains to be sustainable. Therefore, I think this would be a valuable opportunity to learn more about sustainable development in Hong Kong and to meet many wonderful people who are committed to sustainability.”

From her work at GREEN, she came to realise that one of the main pain points in sustainability endeavours is waste management. “What we are doing is creating a food waste audit worksheet that allows restaurants to easily assess their waste, understand the main sources of waste, and improve on them. On the other hand, we are also doing sustainability assessments of different hotels to understand their ESG performance and see if there are any potential collaborations.”

Connie links her work to her future goal of becoming a consultant. “This internship has given me the experience of working at an organisation and the exposure to the dream job I would like to pursue, including conducting research, solving problems, and providing advice. The GREEN internship is very valuable to me.” She noted that she will strive to continue improving herself while applying what she has learnt here in her daily life as the internship is coming to an end.

In order to be able to offer practical advice, one needs to step in the shoes of others to understand their concerns and difficulties, so as to come up with the most suitable solutions. We look forward to empowering more youth like Connie to embark on their green career!

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