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A Food Waste Reduction Guide and Tool Pack for the  Hospitality Industry

GREEN Hospitality - A Food Waste Reduction Guide and Tool Pack for the Hospitality Industry


Reducing and properly disposing of food waste is a critical first step to an effective and efficient waste management system. The wasteful mentalities and practices that are currently integrated into our lifestyle and culture have existed for at least a decade. Changing customer behavior may seem like a distant reality, but hospitality businesses can become the leaders that will bring about that change.

With so much of Hong Kong’s tourism economy and international reputation based on local food culture, the hospitality industry has great potential to lead the change by including environmental considerations in their business operations. To create real change, we must first reflect on our current systems, its flaws and assess the potential for improvement. In this GREEN Hospitality food waste toolkit, we provide hospitality businesses with relevant resources and methodologies to quantify, reduce, rescue and recycle food waste.

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