green hospitality think tanks

We aim to organise quarterly Think Tanks (industry roundatbles) focusing on different sustainability challenges of the hospitality, travel, and leisure sector.


These small-scale (invitation-only) events aim to bring together highly qualified experts who have the knowledge, the power, the skill, and the drive to discuss the situation and initiate systemic changes.


With these deep-dive discussions, we tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of our attendees in order to create new partnerships, new research, new services or whatever action needs to be set into motion to produce results. 

If you would like to be considered for future Think Tanks, please tell us more about yourself by applying here:

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On April 23rd 2020, we held our first Think Tank together with  17 industry experts, where we discussed the plastic waste problem in Hong Kong's hospitality sector.

With a topic so vast, we decided to divide the subject into three subcategories, each time openly discussing bottlenecks and aiming to find ways to remove them.


Reduce general plastic consumption


  • Education around the plastic problem

  • Cost of cleaning reusables is higher than buying single-use plastic

  • Lack of Corporate Leadership

  • No policies or incentives

  • No easy way to convert plastic reduction into carbon emission savings


Replace non-biodegradable plastics with alternative plastic solutions


  • Education around proper disposal of bioplastics

  • Production cost is too high compared to PET

  • No composting facility for bioplastics in Hong Kong


Disposal of  the right material/products to official recycling plants


  • Education around proper segregation

  • No sorting facility in HK - contaminated bin bags end up in landfill

  • No policies or incentives

  • Collection cost is high and borne by the businesses

Many of this Think Tank's attendees have since become knowledge partners and will remain available to share their insights and knowledge while we all work towards a better and more sustainable future. 

Green-Hospitality-Think-Tanks-knowledge Partners

If you'd like to consider joining our task force, simply download the action plan below and let us know how you'd like to take part.

On June 18th  2020 we held our second Think Tank where, together with 16 stakeholders, we discussed the carbon footprint of our food, purposely leaving out the subject of meat as this would be a topic of its own.


Our attendees were restaurateurs, sustainability leads in hotel groups, local and urban farmers, composting tech and food banks.

With yet another vast topic to discuss, we divided the subject into three subcategories, each time openly discussing bottlenecks and aiming to find ways to remove them.


If you would like to partner with us on future Think Tanks, please reach out via: