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lucia loposova

Event Manager

GREEN Hospitality 

Lucia Loposova holds a  joint master degree from the University of Southern Denmark, University of Ljubljana and University of Girona in Tourism Management and is the network manager at G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality. She hopes the G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality alongside with its activities such as the Conference, Hackathon and partnerships with stakeholders in the industry can create a roadmap for innovative and sustainable practices in the hospitality industry in Asia and beyond and create shared value following the ESG criteria: environmental, social and corporate governance.


kareena sacheti

Event Management 


Kareena is a second year Economics and Finance student from India. She has always wanted to help improve the environment and working at G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality gives her an opportunity to do so. Organising the Hackathon has equipped Kareena with the skill-set required to set this much-needed change in motion. She also enjoys travelling and playing badminton.

holly byrne

Event Management


Holly is a third year exchange student from Trinity College Dublin studying Business. She is passionate about G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality because of her care for the environment, as well as her love for travelling. She has seen first hand the negative effects that the tourism industry has on the environment and wants to work to help find solutions that allow people to travel and explore the world without damaging it at the same time.

marketing & communications

hope higgins

PR & Communications


Hope is a business student from Ireland, studying on exchange at HKU. She first became passionate about climate change and sustainability four years ago when doing a research project in school. Since then Hope has tried to implement sustainable practices into all aspects of her life. She finds it very fulfilling to contribute to a company with these shared values and which is aiming to make a positive impact.

Aaron Kuo

Digital Marketing  & Sales


Aaron is an exchange student at HKU from UC Irvine studying Business with an emphasis on Marketing. Aaron believes it is essential for people to think of new innovative sustainability techniques in the hospitality industry in order to curb the negative effects of the industry on our environment. In his free time, he likes to cook and play basketball at the gym.

jacky tsang

Marketing & Branding


Jacky is an exchange student from California studying PR and Marketing at Drexel University. He believes that we all play a role in ensuring that this world is sustainable for future generations. In his free time, Jacky likes to explore new places and play with his dog.

partnerships & sponsorships

maeve o'keeffe

Partnerships & Sponsorships


Maeve is a third year exchange student from Dublin, Ireland. She believes that making a positive change to help the environment with GREEN Hospitality is an amazing opportunity, as it is an initiative which is bringing key players together to make a greater change than could ever be done individually.


Partnerships & Sponsorships


Kepin is a fifth year Finance student from Australia, currently completing an exchange semester at the University of Hong Kong. As an avid traveler, Kepin is extremely conscious of the impact that the widespread availability of tourism can have on the environment. In order to become part of the solution, he is working with G.R.E.E.N Hospitality to help connect leaders in the industry to a sustainability movement that helps protect the environment as we know it.


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