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lucia loposova

Program Manager

GREEN Hospitality

Lucia manages all the activities of the G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality and her interest in sustainability started while studying at the university where her research revolved around the impact of tourism and the traditional food heritage. She holds a joint master degree in Tourism Management with a strong focus on ESG and creation of shared value awarded by the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the University of Girona (Spain). She hopes that the G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality with its initiatives and strategic partnerships can create a roadmap for innovative and sustainable practices in the industry across Asia and beyond.

carmen ng

Director of Sustainability

Langham Hospitality Group

Carmen Ng is Director of Sustainability at Langham Hospitality Group. In her role, she leads and drives the sustainability strategy within the Group. She is responsible for a diverse range of sustainability programmes including strategy and policies development, management system, capacity building, stakeholder engagement, communication and reporting. She also believes in sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and her role is implanting this concept like a DNA into every colleague in the company.


Corporate CSR and Sustainability Manager

Shangri-La Group

Rachel Yan develops impact-driven ESG strategies and programmes for Shangri-La’s 100+ hotels. She was previously co-founder and Project Director of Make a Difference Social Lab, Hong Kong’s first community-initiated public services innovation lab that teams up government agencies and citizens to redesign services for a better public life through design thinking. A tri-sector athlete and a social innovation advocate, she has a career trajectory in consulting, non-profits and co-creation.

Jeannie kwok

Director of Corporate Responsibility


Jeannie Kwok is the Director of Corporate Responsibility at the Hilton. She leads Hilton's corporate responsibility strategy, partnerships, and programs in environmental sustainability and social impact across Asia Pacific.

cheryl kong

Event Management


Cheryl is a final year student studying Geography and Psychology. Owing to her study background of Geography, she gained a great attachment to the environment. She loves nature and concerns about sustainability issues. She believes pursuing sustainable development cannot merely rely on individual effort, but more importantly, on entrepreneurial changes to lead the brand-new sustainable trend. Being a part of G.R.E.E.N Hospitality offers her an opportunity to engage in the bigger-impact project. During her leisure time, she enjoys baking, hiking, and traveling.

Giulia Acchioni Mena

Product Developer


Giulia is a postgraduate student at HKU completing a Master in Environmental Management. She deeply cares about the environment and is passionate to work along with Green’s values and objectives to be part of the change and help build a more sustainable future. As a regular traveller she feels is also her responsibility to improve the hospitality industry and believes working with Green to find alternative products to minimize its environmental effects is an excellent opportunity to put in practice her knowledge and acquire real life experience. In her free time she likes to travel, read and exercise. 

James lam

Partnership & Sponsorships


James is a first year BBA(Law) & LLB student in HKU. He loves reading books and playing sports like basketball and badminton. He also loves meeting and chatting with different kinds of people. As a year 1 student, he hopes to broaden his horizons and challenge himself, and contribute to environmental sustainability as well, so he joins G.R.E.E.N Hospitality which aims at promoting innovative and sustainable ways to make a positive impact on the environment through connecting different companies in the global hospitality industry.

jess lee

Marketing & Branding


Jess is a second-year Psychology student studying at HKU. She loves all kinds of sports, especially basketball and softball. Her other hobbies are travelling and photo shooting. Landscape photography is one of her favourites. She notices that only by going green, the amazing landscape and nature could be preserved. By joining G.R.E.E.N Hospitality, it provides an opportunity for her to promote environmental awareness in Hong Kong.

Justen Li

Chairman & Director

Soap Cycling

Mr Li holds a double degree in Business and Law from The University of Hong Kong. He is now currently a practising lawyer in a construction company. He was part of the initial team that laid the foundation of Soap Cycling. For years he has been active in social community and projects serving both the youth and the elders.

Meredith Beaujean

Director of Sustainability

Sands China (Macau)

Originally from Belgium, Meridith spent 4 years working in Africa with the EU and UN on Health development programs before discovering Macao 14 years ago. She joined Sands China Ltd in 2006 at the beginning of its development in Macao and worked over the years across different departments from Human Resources to Finance, and Operations Excellence before taking the lead of the Sustainability team in 2018. In her role, Meridith is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability programs and initiatives to effectively integrate sustainability into the resorts’ practices, procedures, and culture.  She loves working in a multicultural environment in one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant destinations in Asia.

trinity fan

Public Relations & Communications


Trinity is a year 2 student studying Bachelor of Business Administration at HKU. She is an active and extroverted person, passionate in participating in team works. She also had experiences in communicating with external parties in formal occasions and maintaining harmonious relationships with cooperating parties. She likes to travel abroad a lot, therefore being a part of G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality granted her the opportunity to gain deeper insights of the hospitality and tourism industry, and at the same time, care more about the environment.

kandy li

Event Management


Kandy is a fourth year Geography and Psychology student based at HKU. She loves reading, travelling and getting in touch with nature. With a strong feeling that going green is important to build a more sustainable planet, she is being environmentally-friendly in her daily life. She is passionate to promote this concept to the public as she believes every step counts and together it brings impacts. Joining G.R.E.E.N Hospitality provides Kandy an opportunity to engage and explore sustainable practices in the field of hospitality. 

Camille fabre

Research Assistant

Camille Fabre has a Master degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Paris with specialization in China and East Asia. Throughout her experiences abroad (a year and a half in mainland China, a year in Sweden and 6 months in Hong Kong), she has developed a strong interest in sustainability and waste management. She is now thrilled to have become a part of the change in Asia through her work at G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality. 

Alice Schütt

Business Development

Starting out in restaurant management, Alice now focuses on supporting entrepreneurs.


Alice joined the global non-profit for startup support TiE HK as Director in 2014. She then helped set up Mettā in 2016 as General Manager, creating a global network of innovators and investors, who work towards solving today’s most pressing problems.


Alice has now joined GREEN Hospitality  to help create a positive impact on the hospitality and tourism industry.


Alice believes in the power of collaboration and communities, and that successful

companies of the future will be built around purpose and sustainability.

kayuki go

Partnership & Sponsorships


Kayuki is a second-year BBA(accounting& finance) student at HKU. She believes G.R.E.E.N Hospitality can provide a more sustainable future by promoting dialogue between different businesses and organizations in the hospitality industry. She enjoys hiking, travelling, and meeting new people.

karen pang

Business Development


Karen is a second-year Economics and Finance student studying at HKU. She believes that corporates that grow and expand under consumers’ support should give back to the community by utilizing its resources. This is what prompted her involvement with G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality. She also enjoys listening to music, playing badminton and travelling. 


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