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Grab your green juice (or any drink of your choice) and tune in for our online happy hour. Listen to the views on the future and sustainability of the hospitality & travel industry as we interview experts and leaders in the field. Ask questions or share your perspective through our live chat. Physical distancing should not impact our human connections and knowledge exchange in these critical times of a global pandemic.

In this GREEN Happy Hour Talk, Professor Brian King, the Associate Dean of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), joined us to talk about his perspectives regarding the current situation of travel and hospitality industry in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific region and the expected recovery path. When facing the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Prof King emphasized that it also presents an opportunity for us to seize and to advocate a more sustainable future. As our conversation moved to the practical side, Prof King shared the strategy adopted and measures implemented to manage the current crisis at the Hotel ICON in Hong Kong.

Sonalie Figueiras from Green Queen Media accepted our invitation to talk about why the demand for quality content on topics like climate crisis and sustainability is increasing significantly during this pandemic. We are witnessing a shift in consumers looking for options to live in harmony with our planet. To further accelerate and provide solutions towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Green Queen Media launched their Green Queen BIZ in January 2020 with an aim to support and connect SMEs and business professionals with resources, and facilitate partnerships. More than ever, customers are demanding sustainable practices to be integrated into every business (travel, fashion, finance, hospitality industry). To address the urgency of the climate crisis, Green Queen Media is at the frontline to advocate for an alternative and plant-based diet with the zero-waste philosophy. 

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Time for our 3rd Happy Hour Talk! Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, adaptation to the new normal became key. How do hotel organizations react and adjust their ESG strategies in the face of such challenge and opportunity and what is the role of technology?

Our next guest on the GREEN Happy Hour Talks is Eric Ricaurte, founded of Greenview, an international consultancy helping organizations catalyze innovation and best practice through strategy, programs, data, benchmarking, and reporting. Join our live talk to learn more.


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