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Grab your green juice (or any drink of your choice) and tune in for our online happy hour. Listen to the views on the future and sustainability of the hospitality & travel industry as we interview experts and leaders in the field. Ask questions or share your perspective through our live chat. Physical distancing should not impact our human connections and knowledge exchange in these critical times of a global pandemic.


2021 Edition 

“Tourism interacts with society - when there is a pandemic or other crisis, it would be one of the top three industries to suffer,” said Dr. Marafa.

Tourism is a highly demand-oriented industry. When COVID-19 causes distancing of people, decline of tourism is resulted. At the same time, new means of tourism are also being developed in a bid to respond and adapt to the current situation.

It is our honor to have Dr. Lawal Marafa, the professor at the Department of Geography and Resource Management and the founding director of the postgraduate programme in Sustainable Tourism at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, sharing his insights at this Happy Hour Talk. His teaching and research cover tourism and the environment, tourism policy, sustainable tourism, agriculture and food security, natural resource management, climate change, and sustainable development goals. More importantly, he is the founding director of the graduate programme in Sustainable Tourism, and a senior researcher of the World Leisure Academy. He serves as the vice-chairman of the board of directors at the World Leisure Organization, and is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Ethics Committee.

Did you know that the tourism industry responds and adapts to challenges by changing behavior patterns in leisure activities? Ever wondered how this industry could innovate itself during these challenging times? Listen to the Happy Hour Talk recording and benefit from Dr. Marafa's myriad of insights on green recovery and sustainable tourism development!

When being asked about what sustainability means, Anna Zhan, strategic sustainability consultant at SwedCham HK said, “For the Society. For the Environment. For Everyone.” The hospitality industry is known for its high energy consumption, and energy conservation methods are yet to be mainstreamed in the industry. However, that is perhaps to be changed, as COVID-19 forces world economies to adapt to the “new normal” and presents itself as an opportunity for green recovery through achieving a circular economy. We are honored to have Anna Zhan sharing her insights on green recovery in the business sector at the recent Happy Hour Talk. Tune in and be inspired by the takeaways from SwedCham HK's Climate Survey as well as Anna's thoughts on the environmental issues and debates in the industry! Feel free to read findings of SwedCham HK's Climate Survey here: http://www.swedcham.com.hk/swedcham-h...​

2020 Edition

In this GREEN Hospitality Happy Hour Talk​, Dr. Mathew Zhao & Dr Dalal Alghawas from Big Idea Ventures talk about the future of Alternative Protein​ ecosystems. Alternative protein products have been on the rise this year as we pay more attention to sustainability​ and our food choices. This market has attracted more investment opportunities as startups innovate and develop new options. Big Idea Ventures is a new venture capital company that invests and guides startup companies that focus on new innovative alternative protein ecosystems. We first talked about what alternative protein products are, and how Big Idea Ventures aids plant-based and cell-based protein alternative startups. Dr. Alghawas and Dr. Zhao spoke about how alternative protein products can be considered as processed meats, and how new research for innovative products are being discovered to ensure they are better for the environment and more sustainable. Watch to find out more!

In this GREEN Happy Hour Talk, we have Larry Tang to share his vision and experience of running FAMA Group restaurants for you to relish. First, we kickstarted the conversation by discussing the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Food & Beverage industry, Larry has talked about the current situation and mentioned that there is a transformation to focus the F&B industry more on providing food delivery service through online platforms. His philosophy and restaurant concept bring the SLOW (Sustainable, Local, Organic & Wellness) movement to Hong Kongers towards a more healthy, eco-conscious living!  

We have Eric Ricaurte, Founder & CEO of Greenview, joining us from Singapore in this GREEN Happy Hour Talk. First, we kickstarted the conversation by describing the current sentiment of the hotels for their sustainability efforts Eric had observed amid the pandemic crisis. Some hotels were hit harder by the impact than others, but Sustainable initiatives driven by investors definitely will continue even with cautious attitude from the management at this moment. Eric pointed out on a personal level at the end, as we spent more time at home with our family, it made us reflect deeply again what Sustainability means.

Sonalie Figueiras from Green Queen Media accepted our invitation to talk about why the demand for quality content on topics like climate crisis and sustainability is increasing significantly during this pandemic. We are witnessing a shift in consumers looking for options to live in harmony with our planet. To further accelerate and provide solutions towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Green Queen Media launched their Green Queen BIZ in January 2020 with an aim to support and connect SMEs and business professionals with resources, and facilitate partnerships. More than ever, customers are demanding sustainable practices to be integrated into every business (travel, fashion, finance, hospitality industry). To address the urgency of the climate crisis, Green Queen Media is at the frontline to advocate for an alternative and plant-based diet with the zero-waste philosophy. 

In this GREEN Happy Hour Talk, Professor Brian King, the Associate Dean of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), joined us to talk about his perspectives regarding the current situation of travel and hospitality industry in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific region and the expected recovery path. When facing the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Prof King emphasized that it also presents an opportunity for us to seize and to advocate a more sustainable future. As our conversation moved to the practical side, Prof King shared the strategy adopted and measures implemented to manage the current crisis at the Hotel ICON in Hong Kong.

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