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GREEN Leaders Academy

GREEN Leaders Academy's mission is to educate and empower students to learn about sustainability and make a real impact within their community. We offer specialized and certified workshops in which students deepen their understanding of key sustainability issues that allow them to become real change-makers. Participants are equipped with practical tools to embark on a green living journey and become green leaders in the future by learning about best practices within a business context. 



By enrolling in a GREEN Leaders Academy, students join an engaged and driven community of young people with a passion for sustainability; that is our GREEN Youth Network. 

Check below for our ECO-WARRIORS AT WORK workshop on offer now for July!  


Program Highlights

  • Thematic exploration: Climate Change, Food Systems, Waste & Circular Economy

  • Weekly field trip: beach clean up, factory/farm visit, soap recycling

  • Workshops designed by experts: interactive sessions with hands-on learning

  • Flipped classroom approach: group projects, team pitching, prototyping

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Collaborative Projects & Leadership Practice


Build confidence, English language presentation skills, teamwork, and leadership skills

Gamified & Interactive Learning


Exciting, and hands-on learning using elements of play designed by certified educators 

Career Advice & Exposure


Get inspired by trends in the green economy, and get exposure to future career paths in sustainability


We offer 1-week certified workshops for students to advance their knowledge on key sustainability issues. Discover sustainability from three perspectives; global sustainable trends, local business practices, and personal choices and impact.

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Climate Crisis

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Workshop on offer NOW! Check out our Eco-Warriors at Work brochure here - 

Questions? Contact us via Whatsapp +852 6284 0527

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