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This Innovation Program is part of the Food Waste to Good Waste initiative to spark new possibilities and solutions by colliding the power of science, industry expertise and student innovation. 

Over the next few months, our brightest minds from SBS and Business-study students will work together on developing a new product with food waste as well as a plan to bring it to market.

who can join

Who Can Join the Food Waste Innovation Program Competition?

​All Current students from The University of Hong Kong can join the Food Waste Innovation Program Competition


Develop An Innovative Mindset!

Participating students will be offered valuable opportunities to visit four types of facility and receive mentorships from operators coming from the Hospitality Industry.

What Will You Do?


Create a product with food wastes from the hospitality sector. The end product can either be edible or non-edible. You will run lab experiments to scientifically analyze your ingredient, production process and end product.


Do a 5-minutes presentation on stage the competition day to share your results, findings and commercialization strategy.


A 1-minute Video to introduce your production process.

team req

Team Requirements

Participants must form a project team of 3 to 5 students.

Each team shall have at least two students from the School of Biological Science with knowledge and skills on food analysis.

Each team shall team up with at least one student from business major to work on the commercial plan.


How to Join the Competition?

Please send your name, student ID and study program name to


Innovation Program Timeline

23 Feb 2023

Cooking Workshop

Guest Trainer :
Ms. Anita Cheng
Hong Kong Chefs Association

24 Mar 2023

Food Waste Seminar Series

Topic 2: Food Waste X

Lab Science


Business Student Matching

Add 1-2 business students to enrich the commercial plan of the team product.


4 Site Visit Opportunities

Theme 1: Farm Visit
Theme 2: Kitchen Visit
Theme 3: Upcycling Organization
Theme 4: Processing Facility

17 Feb 2023

Deadline for Food Product Innovation Team Formation

Food & Nutrition Science students forms team and come up with food waste innovation ideas.

17 Mar 2023

Food Waste Seminar Series

Topic 1: Food Waste X Engineering & Science

31 Mar 2023

Food Waste Seminar Series

Topic 3: Food Waste X Innovation


Speed Mentoring Consultation

15-mins consultations with at least five different mentors from hospitality industry.

 16 Jun 2023

Competition Day

Pitching Competition
Booth Showcase
Prize Award


Assessment Criteria

Judge panel comprise professional representatives from different hospitality roles and sectors. They will assess your team performance based on the following criteria:


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