employee engagement programs

Let us help you with understanding sustainability and engaging your employees to take part in your ESG initiatives. From building awareness to taking the action - we can make a real positive impact happen.

  • Development of employee engagement and awareness-building programs that promote behavioral change

  • Development and implementation of workshops, games and activities focusing on sustainable practices 


The purpose of these workshops is to educate, exercise critical thinking & reasoning, and promote teamwork & collaboration. Following are the workshops we are currently offering in person or in an online set-up:

  • CLIMATE Collage: a card game that lets you learn about climate change together

  • 2030 SDG Game: get to know the SDGs in a fun way


Coming up soon:

  • WASTE Collage: understand the problem of waste, recycling, and more

  • OCEANS Collage: what happens in the ocean and how does climate change impact the marine ecosystem

  • BIODIVERSITY Collage: learn about the impact of climate change on the living creatures of our Mother Earth

  • ECOLOGIC RENAISSANCE Collage: discover a journey to ecological renaissance through 24 challenges


These workshops involve a hands-on approach focusing on upcycling "waste" and learning techniques to diminish the personal impact on the environment. The goal of these workshops is to equip the participants with the skills necessary to promote behavioral change in their daily lives. Ideal to be combined with educational talks on a particular topic to create awareness, engage employees and promote behavior change.

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