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We wish to create a platform where stakeholders can learn through research about what sustainability in the hospitality & travel industry means, and create a path to sustainable development together.

Our research focuses on topics of social, environmental, and governance issues in the hospitality & travel industry. We scrutinize these topics through lenses of different schools of thought: circular economy, shared value, industrial ecology, performance economy, and more. We analyze and synthesize existing data, policies, case studies, and good practices to provide advice on applicable solutions in the local context.

We welcome collaborations on the above topics. Please get in contact with us to explore possible research projects and synergies.

Research & Insights

Our Publications

GREEN Hospitality - Solid Waste and the Impact of the Tourism Industry in the East Asia Pacific Region
GREEN Hospitality - Forget about the Rest: Start with Food Waste
GREEN Hospitality - Responsibilities of the Hospitality Industry in the Municipal Solid Waste in Hong Kong
GREEN Hospitality - When Bio Meets Plastic a Case Study of their Impact in Hong Kong
GREEN Hospitality - Plastic Reduction Guide for the Hospitality Industry
GREEN Hospitality - Waste Deep: An Exploratory Study of the Waste Generated by the Hospitality Industry in Hong Kong
GREEN Hospitality - Food Waste Reduction Guide and Tool Pack for the Hospitality Industry
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Waste Reduction Toolkit
Case Studies

F&B Playbook

F&B Playbook

Wonder how to improve the sustainability of your restaurant? Are you looking for practical solutions to reduce food waste? Find the responses in our F&B Playbook.


Whether you have already started on the sustainability journey or you don’t really know where to begin, the F&B Playbook was created for chefs, F&B business directors, and owners in Hong Kong or elsewhere, who wish to improve waste management practices within their F&B businesses.

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Responsible Procurement Tool

Responsible Procurement Tool

Procurement is one of the key elements in every hospitality business. However, procurement is also where a lot of negative social or environmental impact is happening. If we want to tackle these issues and remove the malice from the supply chains, we need to bring about more transparency. 

responsible procurement tool green hospitality solutions

Why Procurement Tool

  • Create & Share Knowledge

  • Collaborate for Systems Change

  • Offer a Solution that Accelerates Sustainability

Problems We Solve





Lack of Resources

Want to be part of the project or have questions?


GREEN Pursuits Podcast

GREEN Pursuits - a podcast by GREEN Hospitality, covers all issues related to ESG(Environmental, Social, and Governance) challenges in hospitality and travel industry.


Join us as we interview practitioners, experts, business owners and academics with an aim to provide bite-sized advice on how to improve ESG performance in hotels, airlines, F&Bs and other organizations to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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