Over the last years, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge to provide consultancy services to the stakeholders in hospitality such as hotels, F&Bs, event organisers, real estate developers and management companies.

Circular Systems & Research

  • Research on and implementation of closed-loop-systems for hospitality industry

  • Market research and development of circular systems for suppliers

  • Commissioned research on the topics of sustainability

Employee Programs

  • Development of employee engagement and awareness building programs that promote behavioral change and sustainable practices

  • Development and implementation of training on sustainable practices (e.g. waste reduction)



  • Production of low-carbon and low-waste events

  • Production of sustainability focused events like conferences or seminars

  • Production of innovation focused events (e.g. hackathons, creative jams)


Communications, Marketing & Branding

All the communications can be produced in English, Cantonese or Chinese.

  • Branding & Communications strategy development 

  • Development of concept & visuals that communicate sustainability

  • Development of copy (press releases, articles, thought leadership pieces)

  • Social Media strategy, EDM, other